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Have you had an interest in tax lien or tax deed investments? Jason Hartman talks with Florence Hamler as they discuss the potential PIP West Scam which promotes tax liens as an investment. The company uses multiple names and locations, just to clarify for my note above: PIP Group, PIP-West, PIPGroup, PIP-Group, National Realty Group LLC, Platinum Investment Group, Charles Sells, Donald G. Fullman, Jr (Don Fullman), pip group tax liens. Their website says: Tax Lien, Tax Deed, REO and Default Real Estate Investment Specialist.

FLORENCE HAMLER: After a significant amount of money invested with PIP West (Don Fullman and Charles Sells) a bad experience ensued. As I see it, it’s a long story but the end goes something like this…

In the beginning stages it seemed to work for awhile, maybe two years or so, where I invested and got some checks back; however, it was a disaster the end.

Here’s the most blatant part, I gave them and their lawyer $17,500 to foreclose on 10 properties. They told me I had to wait about two years before I would know the status. When I didn’t hear a thing from them for a long time, I tried to reach PIP West via repeated phone and email to no avail. After numerous attempts, I was finally successful (calling from a number unknown to them) but they basically told me that I had lost all my money, and lost the opportunity to foreclose on the 10 properties (a loss of the substantial profits they projected), even though I paid them $17,500 for this and they, as my agent, were supposed to be managing it with a fiduciary responsibility to me.

When I asked a few simple and polite questions via e-mail, Charles Sells told me I had to deal with their lawyer who did not respond until my lawyer got involved. After several go arounds and a lot of wasted time/money, their lawyer was essentially non-responsive to the actual issues at hand.

As it turns out, the lawyer they referred their foreclosures said he doesn’t do business with them anymore – I wonder why?

Also, they have a very tricky contract/arrangement as Don Fullman lives in and dealt with me in Orange County, California but Charles Sells lives in South Carolina while their contract calls for arbitration in Georgia – totally weird and leaving no good recourse.

There’s more to it, but that’s the basic outline from my, and my lawyer’s perspective. Did I get ripped off? 

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