Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing with Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman starts off the show from the Baltic Sea where his cruise is currently taking him. He explains how the brand of the US has covered the whole world, including Russia.

Then Jason talks with Michelle Tillis Lederman, author of The Connector’s Advantage, The 11 Laws of Likability, Heroes Get Hired and Nail The Interview – Land The Job, about how likability works and the mindset you have to have in order to succeed in business. There's no way to make people like you, but there are ways to present yourself that will allow you to have a better chance of being liked.

Key Takeaways:

[8:05] Jason's meeting with the Russians to get Coco into the country

Michelle Tillis Lederman Interview:

[13:20] What is Mood Memory?

[16:43] How do you segue out of a conversation without offending the person you're speaking to?

[20:15] The definition of a "niche connector"

[22:28] The 7 Mindsets of connectors

[26:14] Always have the mindset that when you connect online your goal is to bring it offline


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After giving a quick update on his cruise travels, Jason Hartman talks with Taylor St Germain, economic analyst at ITR Economics, about why lower interest rates haven't spurred the higher end housing market. The two also discuss what indicators Taylor looks at to get a gauge on the economy and the impact tariffs have had and may still have yet to come.

Key Takeaways:

[5:49] Are lower interest rates good news for cyclical markets or are they just too overpriced?

[10:16] The rise in wages has helped the economy but it's not changing the overall trend or forecasts

[14:13] Why are housing starts so important?

[19:19] ITR's concerns with the tariffs currently being put in place

[23:35] More tariffs could potentially put us in a recession, so be very careful if we see more coming


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Jason Hartman talks with investment counselor Sara about some things going on in the market right now. The two discuss the state of inventory going on as sales are slowing even though inventory is still a little low. They also discuss the "trust but verify" philosophy as you deal with everything involved with closing on your property.

Key Takeaways:

[5:52] Amazon has reached a deal with developers to hard wire Alexa into new builds

[9:34] Show your LMS your inspection and give them a chance to fix things and don't let them rush you to close

[13:48] Some provisions you can put in place for the escrow money

[19:19] The state of inventory in the network

[22:55] Buying down your interest rates with points

[29:28] It's important to find not just the best market but also the best team


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Today's show features a client case study and this month's mortgage update. After a brief hello from his latest destination, Adam talks with one of the network's lenders about what mortgage rates people are getting this month and what's driving the change in rates recently.

Then Jason talks with client Damon Santa Maria about how he's accumulated his 20 properties in the past 6 years and what his investing plans are moving forward. Damon is self-managing two of his properties and gives some of his best practice tips on metrics he uses and investing in general.

Key Takeaways:

Mortgage Update

[7:09] What rates can investors get today?

[9:44] Mortgage applications for investors aren't as heavy as you'd expect with low interest rates

[11:44] Is there any movement in the refi market?

Damon Santa Maria Client Case Study

[14:51] Why Damon started investing in real estate

[17:29] If your tenants are staying for a long time, make sure your rents aren't too low

[20:50] Damon's experiences with buy and hold rentals

[24:07] Damon is self-managing his property in Houston and it's working out well

[29:14] Don't gloss over your maintenance percentages when looking at cash flow and reserves


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Visualization is an immensely powerful thing. What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.

Because of the power of visualization, Jason went and found an expert who can help real estate investors get in the right mindset and, hopefully, set you on a path to an even better portfolio and life.

Today is the fourth installment of our guided visualization journey.


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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 922, originally published in December 2017.

There's a whole lot going on in the economic world today, so Jason Hartman decided to talk to Cody Mamone, CTP, a Vice President for PNC Bank, about what on Earth is going on in the cryptocurrency world, and how it might be impacted by Bitcoin now trading on 2 exchanges in the United States.

The two also delve into the growth of consumer debt in the past 5 years, as well as where interest rates may be headed and how much of an impact even a slight change in rates can have for investors and homebuyers.

Key Takeaways:

[5:00] The difference between saving versus savingS rates

[9:49] The Fed has some useful data that can be used for your investing research, and one thing in the consumer credit reports stuck out

[11:53] The growth in consumer (and student loan) debt in the last 5 years has been astounding

[14:45] Cryptocurrency mania is going crazy and it's not a healthy thing

[17:04] The REAL environmental destruction that cryptocurrencies are creating

[19:58] What's going to happen to Bitcoin now that it will be traded on 2 exchanges? Will the volatility finally end?

[26:12] Where are interest rates headed?


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Jason Hartman and Adam start today's show looking at some Zillow stats relating to median home prices and what the average American can actually afford.

Then Jason talks with Jennifer Hsieh, VP of Homes and Villas at Marriott International, about how Marriott is working with short-term rental property owners to become a big player. Jennifer explains why she doesn't feel the short-term market is over supplied and whether this is all just a fad.

Key Takeaways:

[2:50] Self-managing isn't as difficult as you may believe, which can be aided by Jason's new Empowered Investor Community

[6:47] Median home price today is around $227,000 according to Zillow

[10:36] Median household income compared to median home prices is creating affordability issues

[15:59] What to do as an investor if home ownership rates decline, rents start rising and GDP slows

Jennifer Hsieh Interview:

[21:54] Big players have been entering the short-term rental market for a while

[24:05] How does entering your property into the Marriott branded pool work?

[26:30] The target demographic

[30:14] How do companies like Marriott take care of customers when it comes to short-term rentals?

[32:40] What happens to the short-term rental market when the economy turns


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Jason Hartman does another client case study with Lisa, and today is all about metrics. Lisa has seen the Pro Formas available on Jason's website but wants to know which lines are the most important to be looking at when evaluating a property. Then Jason and Lisa move on to self-management and some ways to find a handy man that are outside the norm. Plus, don't forget to celebrate Financial Freedom month throughout July!

Key Takeaways:

[3:31] The 3-5 things Jason looks at first in the Pro Forma

[9:22] The very first thing you need to do when looking at any Pro Forma is checking the assumptions

[12:44] Don't forget to watch and re-watch the 27 minute video that goes over the Pro Forma line by line

[13:42] How Lisa used Lowe's to find a handy man

[17:37] Why Jason's so excited about his new Empowered Investing Network

[19:25] What to do for Financial Freedom month (coming this July)


Quick Start Podcast

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Jason Hartman talks with Andrew Rybczynski, Senior Consultant at CoStar Portfolio Strategy, about what is happening on the construction side of both single family and multifamily properties. The tight labor market is causing unit completion to slow significantly, but there are a massive number of units being started. The two look at the impact of more millennials living at home on the shadow demand for apartments and whether renter demographics are still looking good.

Key Takeaways:

[3:22] We're seeing a lot of construction all around the country, what's the supply/demand outlook?

[7:02] How much are construction costs going up?

[11:02] We're not building single family homes as much as we used to

[13:45] About 32% of adults 18-34 are living with their parents

[16:57] Looking at the spread between an apartment cap rate and a triple B bond

[20:52] How Andrew views renter demographics over the next 10 years


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Jason Hartman and Adam join forces in today's episode to discuss some of the recent economic stats the National Association of Realtors released and why they're important for real estate investors. Adam also has a talk with one of the network's lenders about current mortgage rates, and then the two tackle listener Robert's question about real estate investing during a deflationary period (when Inflation Induced Debt Destruction doesn't factor in).

Key Takeaways:

[4:00] Foreclosures are down, which is both good and bad news for us as investors

[7:36] The 2 ways of determining pending home sales

[11:31] June mortgage update

[16:29] Listener question from Robert about deflation concerns

[20:47] How real estate rents fared during the 30s and 40s in single family and apartments

[24:05] In the past 54 years the number of cost burdened renters has doubled because wages aren't keeping up with rent growth

[30:44] Just because deflation happens doesn't automatically mean your rents are going to go down



How Have Rents Changed Since 1960?

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