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Small businesses have always found it difficult to find new customers, but technology has now made it possible for their customers to find them. Aggregation websites allow individuals to connect with service providers based on a simple search of a need they have. This sharing economy, dubbed the gig economy, offers flexibilities and opportunities previously not available to many workers.

Jason and Jon Lieber discuss the benefits of this economic atmosphere. the multitude of companies who offer these types of flexible opportunities and the crushing impact government regulations would have on both small business owners and the workers they contract.

Also, early in this episode there is a Voxer communication between Jason and a long time Creating Wealth listener you shouldn’t miss! 

Key Takeaways:

Jason’s Editorial:

[1:57] Geographically independent living

[3:53] Is there a flood of Chinese money flowing into the U.S. real estate market?

[5:52] Does the U.S. real estate market improve when the stock market drops?

[7:44] Making money through investments or through a business

[9:14] Only 8 tickets left for Meet the Masters

[9:39] Join us for the Dubai Venture Alliance trip

[10:08] Tough questions for Jason from a Creating Wealth listener via Voxer


Jon Lieber Guest Interview:

[34:50] Thumbtack connects individuals with small business professionals

[36:31] Finding work with your smartphone is possible through technology

[39:06] Aggregating insurance issues

[39:40] Thumbtack works with independent contractors by facilitating the introduction

[41:52] Finding new clients is a contractor's most difficult task

[44:23] A cost effective way to bring humans together

[45:54] The social safety net applies to employees but not independent contractors

[48:22] People still struggle to find work even when using aggregators

[50:13] Small businesses may not be able to employ a full-time worker but can offer flexible work

[51:27] Flexibility is the key to these new job opportunities

[53:42] If the government starts regulating  the cost will be passed on to workers and consumers

[57:01] Millions of small businesses are having difficulty dealing with government regulations





Four Hour Workweek

Chinese Cash Floods U.S. Real Estate Market - New York Times article

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Jason talks with Harvey Mackay author of the New York Times #1 bestsellers Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive and Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt. Both books are among the top 15 inspirational business books of all time, according to the New York Times. In total, Harvey’s books have sold 10 million copies worldwide, been translated into 37 languages and sold in 80 countries.

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NeighborhoodScout is an online data tool you can use to make real estate evaluations a breeze. Simple searches serve up quality information. The information is used by government agencies, real estate investors and individuals alike. Today’s guest, Dr. Andrew Schiller, the creator of the site, has a Ph.D. in geography, focusing in sustainable development.


Key Takeaways:


Jason’s Editorial:

[1:43] Jeff uses Voxer to ask Jason about startup costs

[7:09] General observations from the IMM conference in Scottsdale, AZ

[9:04] Embrace the fragmentation, 11K homes are owned by investors with less than 5 properties

[10:50] REITs is just not profitable, say some

[12:45] Meet the Masters of Income Property in January

[13:20] The Venture Alliance Mastermind trip to Dubai


Dr. Andrew Schiller Guest Interview:

[14:48] A Ph.D. in geography, using data for sustainable development

[17:29] Predicting crime risk at the individual address level

[17:49] Labeling real estate based on financial predictors

[18:50] Neighborhoodscout serves over 1 million people a month

[20:53] Analysing the raw data for vacancy rates and trends

[25:55] What should an investor be looking for when using NeighborhoodScout

[27:28] Communities with good schools maintain their value during tough times

[31:33] Other factors to consider when investing in income property

[34:29] The tipping point for stable rentals

[36:35] Why on earth would students take on 4 times the debt than their first job would pay?

[39:09] Our information on crime is very telling, Oakland, CA is the most expensive dangerous city

[42:58] Derby Street in Berkeley, CA, why is the crime so high?

[44:10] Inexpensive and safe places are available in the U.S.

[47:20] The perfect place for Jason to live

[49:10] How to use a subscription to the website

[50:01] The Federal Reserve and HUD use NeighborhoodScout for tax credit info

[52:43] Meritocracy



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