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Jason invites his top investment counselor, Sara, to the show. Jason and Sara share their thoughts on the Memphis market and what potential investors might expect. Sara also lists the importance of having the right mindset when investing in a C property and Jason gives a break down on the price ranges of A, B, and C class properties on the show.

Jason welcomes Economist Mike Norman to the show to discuss Modern Monetary Theory or MMT. Mike shares examples of common misconceptions people have of the US monetary system and economy, such as the US debt clock, that inflation equals growth and how the tax system works. He believes that the US has an unlimited supply of capital and balancing the budget or functioning as a fixed monetary system would accomplish the opposite of what is needed to create growth. And, Jason announces the winner of the Amazon Echo raffle.

Key Takeaways:

[01:27] Paige Glenview is the winner of the Amazon Echo raffle.

[04:10] SkyNews clip about giving women permission to drive in Saudi Arabia.

[06:21] Meet the Masters and ADVenture Alliance event information.


Mike Norman Guest Interview:


[09:40] Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) explains the value of money.

[12:39] A tax system is required to create demand for money.

[17:31] A fixed monetary system creates cycles of economic depressions and recessions.

[19:53] The US national debt is a summation of what is owned by the US and its constituents.

[27:25] A dollar must be created and pumped into the economy before it can be used to pay a tax debt.

[29:46] The US has an unlimited amount of new capital.

[35:13] There is a difference between inflation and growth.

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The US is facing a looming financial crisis. In this episode, Jason outlines six business plans the government can use to ease its inflationary pressures. Four of the plans could result in negative outcomes, while the final two plans could achieve debt repayment by way of inflation. Understanding inflation and all of its aspects are not for the light-hearted. Jason explains inflation, how the government reports on inflation and offers up some educational resources for those who want to know more.

Key Takeaways:

[04:35] Technology is changing the game in all aspects of life.

[11:15] Meet the Master's of Income Property Event is a 3-day event in January 2018.  

[14:15] Jason identifies 6 ways to deal with inflationary pressures.

[21:17] Using inflation as a tool to avoid paying debts.

[27:39] Understanding the difference between real and nominal and price and value.

[33:49] Redistributing wealth through inflation.

[40:11] The three ways the government manipulates inflation statistics.

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Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins

To start, Jason’s mother joins Creating Wealth to speak on the latest in the real estate market and rent to value ratios. Today’s Creating Wealth guest is Managing Director of Dandrew Partners New York, Salvatore Buscemi. Dandrew Parnters specializes in non-performing residential mortgages. Salvatore talks about why the real estate market collapsed, dealing with inexperienced investors, real estate crowd funding, and more on today’s show.

In this solo episode, Jason analyzes widespread public statistics about US home sales, the value of the US Dollar and the looming pension crisis and asks the question ‘compared to what?’ The doomsayers may not be considering all the facts when predicting the collapse of the US economy and the real estate bubble. Jason breaks down the concept of price discovery and details how it is directly impacted by the interest rate. He ends the show by scrutinizing the top-heavy economies in Europe.

Key Takeaways:

[02:33] Wells Fargo settled a class-action lawsuit for $142 million for ripping off America.

[03:34] Does social media pressure give the average consumer leverage?

[09:09] Including 'Compared to what?' information can help clarify statistics.

[12:27] The three types of home sale markets are the buyer's market, the seller's market and the broker's market.

[21:51] War as a business plan.

[23:59] The cyclical, conservatives markets aren't likely to crash.

[29:15] Price discovery is directly impacted by the interest rate.

[32:47] Single-family home sales predictions from the Mortgage Bankers Assoc. & Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

[38:55] Demographics & Pensions.

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Jason shares his views of the socialistic policies adopted in Europe with regards to immigration and economics before welcoming returning guest, Nick Giambruno to the show. Nick details the problematic pension crisis and shares how it will affect state and local governments. And, he talks about how decentralized cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, may be the answer to taking power away from the centralized government and the current geopolitical climate.

Key Takeaways:

[02:22] The world is in a race to the bottom as people lose their critical thinking abilities.

[06:02] Communism is the biggest disaster to befall humanity.

[07:11] Lending institutions may not be responsible for the current housing bubble.

[11:30] Jason recommends two great reads.


Nick Giambruno Guest Interview:


[16:05] Nick explains the future pension crisis.

[21:14] Property taxes will go up in order to offset the pension crisis.

[24:00] Will there be a federal bailout for the state and local governments?

[25:45] Analyzing the longevity and validity of cryptocurrencies.

[35:25] The US and China may be at the beginning of a trade war.

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Originally aired on CW 474.

Today on the Creating Wealth show, Jason talks about some of the latest things he is up to as well as talks about an interesting opinion article published by the Washington Post. He does not have a guest for today’s show, so he does a deep dive into the real estate market and talks about why central planning never works for the home ownership market. He also gives his comments in between reading out loud the article published by Washington Post in this quick 30 minute Creating Wealth episode.

The month of October brings the 2017 tax season to a close. Jason brings Fernando and Zack on the show to showcase the organizational tools and portfolio management options available through the newly upgraded Property Tracker 2.0.

The Property Tracker software makes creating Schedule E’s, depreciation schedules and other tax forms easy as well as a robust calendar which keeps track of all of your income properties important dates.


You can now get tickets to the Meet the Master’s of Income Property event and the Venture Alliance Mastermind is coming up in October.

Key Takeaways:

[02:25] Was the media bummed out that Hurricane Irma didn't cause more damage?

[09:04] The Waffle House Index and Cryptocurrencies.

[16:44] Fundamentals for organizing and tracking investment properties.

[24:00] Property Tracker produces tax schedules including Schedule E and an up-to-date Schedule of Depreciation.

[27:58] Property Tracker 2.0 has updated proformas with RV ratio evaluations.

[30:24] Clarifying the statement "Every day you have a property you own and don't sell, you are buying it back from yourself."

[35:05] Organizational tips for using Property Tracker.

[39:28] Scanning with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) makes you more efficient.

[46:38] Details about the new Amazon Echo contest, the Meet the Master's event and the upcoming Venture Alliance Mastermind.  

[50:20] Free one-hour Property Tracker onboarding session with Zack for Jason Hartman clients.

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With hurricanes and tropical storms at the forefront of the news these days, Jason kicks off this episode by speaking with Ed Babkes about the difference in weather-related insurance policies, why investors pay more for these policies and how to eliminate the need for flood insurance for your property. And later, the second part of Doug Casey’s interview from Aspen, Colorado. Mr. Casey is a self-proclaimed Anarchist Libertarian who warns of a forthcoming economic depression in the United States.

Key Takeaways:

[01:21] A quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt about real estate.

[04:24] Ed explains the differences between weather-related insurance coverage.

[09:05] The government charged investor-owned properties more than owner occupied properties.

[12:46] Elevation certifications can eliminate the need for flood insurance for some.

[17:56] Information on the new Amazon Echo contest, the upcoming Venture Alliance, and the Meet the Master’s events.


Doug Casey Guest Interview Part 2:


[20:27] Will technology keep the US lifestyle status quo in the face of inflation?

[25:48] Governments all over the world are seriously bankrupt.

[29:18] The welfare or the warfare state?

[33:54] A good thing about the upcoming depression.

[35:30] Why Inflation is much worse than income tax

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